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Get a 30-minute dating consultation with Stephanie Tumba and her award and Stéphanie Tumba’s award winning book 100 Dates and a Wedding (e-book) for only $39.


GET YOUR RELATIONSHIP QUESTION ANSWERED – You can get an answer to that pesky situation you’re in without the cost of a full coaching package. This is so much better than trying to find your answer on some generic blog post or random YouTube video which might do more harm than good. My way is quick, it’s private, and you’ll have real options that you can put to work immediately.


Some Sample Questions:

  • How should I respond to this text?

  • Is he ghosting me?
  • How can I get this guy I'd liked for yonks?
  • How do you hint that a guy is interested?

  • What draws a man to a woman?

  • I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, what can I do?

  • My boyfriend is into porn. What can I do?

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100 Dates and a Wedding

100 Dates & a Wedding narrates Valérie’s worst dating experiences in London and shares the lessons she learnt from them.  Her disillusionment, her joys, and her own ambiguities are shared without concession questioning how to deal with a breakup after a long relationship? How to believe in love again after being defeated?

Doesn’t everyone kiss a few frogs before reaching their happy ending? But the questions every woman wonder: How many dates does it get to find the “One”? 100? How many shags? Valérie won’t tell.  How many mistakes made? Certainly plenty. Should you play the Game? Valérie never understood the rules.  So how do you meet the right one then? After a few slaps on the face. 

The road to love is not easy, but when you find it, you realise that somehow, you enjoyed the ride, but more so adored reaching the destination. We must all go through this, c'est la vie!

100 Dates & a Wedding will make your heart laugh out loud; it is filled with raw emotions and evinces an incredible honesty in terms of storytelling. 100 Dates and a Wedding is moving and charming, is the perfect novel for a female of any age to engross herself into and delve into self-discovery through Valérie’s inspiring journey.

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About Stéphanie Tumba

Our Dating Strategist in Chief 

Manufactured in France, improved in England, Stéphanie Tumba is UK’s #1 Dating Strategist for women and the author of Award-winning Book 100 Dates and a Wedding. Stephanie moved to London working for world-renowned companies such as L’Oréal and LVMH before she decided to use her knowledge and expertise to start business ventures of her own.   Business lady by day and writer by night, she has always read and written songs, poems, or stories sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes comical, occasionally sarcastic and sometimes dark & suicidal, depending on her mood, the music she has in her mind, the people she met, and the amount of alcohol drunk on the day.

Ultimately, Stephanie is a playful, sassy humanitarian committed to guiding individuals through their journey of self-discovery.

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We are Human Connections.


Stéphanie Tumba is the Managing Director of Human Connections. A premium Dating and Matchmaking Agency based in London.

Human Connections is a premium matchmaking agency based in London. We help helping singles finding their next long-term relationship. Our team of Relationship Creators and Dating Strategists are professional and qualified matchmakers combining over 23 years of experience. 

With us, none of our client are not part of an algorithm, they are all unique. The Relationship Creators and Dating Strategists sit with them and get to know them personally to find out what is the most important in their ideal partner.

In fact, our Relationship Creators and Dating Strategists will act like the friend that wishes them well and will support them offering advice and guidance along the way.